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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So Sad....

My home boy Dun is from the Chi. I've known this cat for over 7 years, from my time in the military, and he's one of the reallest dudes I know, hands down. One time we went to a comedy show, dude on stage was cuttin' up about brothas from the Chi, I put my man on blast, pointed him out. Dude asked, "What part of Chi, my man?" Straight ice-grilled, my boy Dun says, "West Side." Now, I never been there, I don't know what it's like, but this semi-well known comedian stopped all joking, apologized for makin' fun of West Siders, and hustled through his set without another glance at Dun. Well, it's a well-known fact that dudes from Chicago look out for each other, they're proud of "their dudes", and Dun was no different with ballers with Chi connections. Even with these less-than-stellar numbers (7 footer not ever grabbig 8 boards a game. How dare him.), and some suspect accusations, Dun grudgingly mumbled about "potential and "post game vicious".  But even HE can't possibly still defend  Eddy "Spicy Chicken" Curry this year. I bet less than 1 or 2% of the population is 7 foot tall, with less than half of those having the athleticism to get paid millions to play 82 games a year. Watching Curry loaf and eat his way through such a pathetic career is maddening; you got thousands of ballers scuffling by in crappy leagues around the globe, dudes playing for damn near free because of the love, the drive they have for basketball. Good men would sell their souls just for a sniff of real NBA run, and this chump hoodwinked the NBA into making him rich and giving him the best seat in the house for games in MSG. Curry was handed the NBA on a platter; a mobile, strong 7 foot millionaire right out of high school, drafted by the Bulls at a time when, if he'd just had a pulse, he would have been a hero to the talent starved franchise. Nope. Curry's been soft, lazy, and now, he just doesn't give a damn. NY's GM Donnie Walsh and coach D'Antoni are dancing around the subject of Curry's fatocity, but dammit, I'll say it: he just doesn't give a $%@&. So sad....

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