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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Menage A Trade: T. Will, Old Smith, Sasha Vu Switch It Up: Melo-Drama

Three players. One goal. We know the Nets want Carmelo, like an insecure young woman trying to woo the guy who's sweating her better looking older sister. So this isn't about the "Established Coach X vs Promising Young Player Y" duel playing out yet again, (I hate when an in-all-other-ways reasonable coach gets a wild hair up his, y'know what, and ends up with some personal vendetta against a talented young player, then tries to "break" them, i.e. D'antoni vs Nate Robinson . From 18 ppg to benched when the new coach comes in? That's beef...). Terrence Williams is, by all accounts, a very, very good young basketball player who needs an alarm clock and rubbed The Lil General the wrong way. So the Rockets get ANOTHER exciting, hardworking perimeter player (yawn), Sasha Vujacic is kicked off the coattails of Kobe' and Co., and the bones of Joe Smith are forced to shuffle out of the duct on NJ's bench and actually may see court time for the Lakers. PLUS, the Nets have like 487 1st round picks over the next coupla years.

Now in Denver.

Even though fake-named Lionel Bienvenu and his 7News team insist otherwise, the Favors/Murphy/2 1st rounders-for-Melo deal is far from done. My question: Why would Melo sign an extension in Jersey? Is Brook Lopez an upgrade from Nene? Is Devin Harris THAT much of an upgrade from Chauncy (well, yeah, he is). Adding Melo, subtracting Derrick Favors and his potential, and the roster in Denver is more talented than Jersey's would be, right? Ah well, at least Houston's pick might be worth something next year if Chairman Yao's feet keep exploding....

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  1. If Lala is running the show, he'll be in MSG next year with Amare and possibly CP3, then another Big 3 will be a reality just like they talked about).