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Monday, January 10, 2011

Lazy Sunday

If some dude from Noballistan came to the US for the 1st time on a cargo ship on Thursday and spent the last of his village's meager cash in a sports bar all weekend watching the NBA action for the 1st time, he'd be hooked for life. Sure the league is different from when alot of us came up in the '80s and '90s. But like Rick Pitino ranted- MJ, Karl Malone, and Pig Miller ain't comin' through that door. That doesn't mean some entertaining basketball isn't happening. Some poor fools don't understand: "Psssh, basketball is a buncha undisciplined thugs runnin' around bein' selfish with their bling and their FUBU and the rap-hop music." This weekend was a perfect example; if you caught the games this weekend, even as a casual fan and you still talk down about the L and where it's going, then you also kick puppies and push little old ladies trying to cross the street into traffic. I mean, check it:

  • THere's an ongoing discussion about the existence of a "hot hand" ; Wesley Matthews single-handedly shut all that talk down with evidence pointing to a resounding "Hell YES there is." Matthews' 5-of-5 3-pointers in the 1st quarter, 7 for 8 from deep for the half on his way to hanging 36 points on the hapless T'Wolves as the Blazers slapped Minnesota down 108-98 on Friday. The Wolves may be not-good, but man, they provide some enjoyable games, like the Washington Generals for the Globetrotters. K-Love put up 30/19, LaMarcus Aldridge kept pouring it on with 28/10 (since the New Year, he's been a monster; 27.8 and 11.6 on 52% shooting in 5 games),  but Matthews shooting display early was electric. No hot hand, my @&^$.
  • Yeah. THIS guy.
  • Also on Friday, we got to see Luke Harangody pull a Rudy-type coming out party. He's from Indiana, he went to Notre Dame, he's a Celtic; the only way he could be a more stereotypical white baller was if he....well, there's no way he could be. But dude put up numbers in college and has been warming the pine behind the 31 feet of Center/PF ahead of him on the depth chart. KG get's hurt? No prob, Luke to the rescue; for almost 27 minutes he was poppin' J's, beating up shots, crashing the boards like the over-hustler you HATE when you play pick-up (aka "Gettin' his Tyler Hansborough on") on his way to career highs 17 points, 11 boards, and 2 blocks in the Celts 122-102 drubbing of Toronto. Throw in 4 dimes and I thought Tommy Heinsohnn was gonna have a cranial explosion. No matter what sport, it's dope seeing the end-of-bench guy come up big, even in a "meaningless" January game.
    and he turned into an action figure mid-air.
  • Saturday was Manna from Basketball Fan heaven; Durantula put on a 40 point display while OKC busted the Griz, Rose had a dazzling 36 (NO one is better at beating not only his man, but any and all help D, to the hole) and Boozer showed off that devastating J for stretches in CHI's subduing of the Celts, and Millsap put a cheat-code in in the 4th, scoring 23 points in the 4th and overtime while the Jazz beat up Houston 103-99, and Hedo Turkoglu again proved the Hot Hand theory in another way, he hit the Dime Zone; every pass added to his 17 assist total while the Magic were winning their 9th straight, 117-107 over the Mavs with Invisible Dirk.
  • And Sunday...Man, Sunday. Miami Heat. THIS is what fans dreamed of and haters feared. Portland as a team played together, smart team ball, LaMarcus Aldridge dominated Bosh with 31, Nicolas Batum played inspired D on LBJ for stretches while giving a bonus 22 points, Patty Mills excited off the bench. If you say that Portland held anyone named Bosh, Wade, or LeBron to 11 points, I'd say that Portland coasted to a W. But NOPE. LBJ's 44, Wades 34, and Boshosaurus' 18 (he DID shoot like crap, but we all realize he's not on the Big 2's level now, right?), simply overpowered Portland. THe Heat are rampaging; 95.5% winning percentage, giving it to the L anyway they want it, via "grind-it-out" (against Milwaukee) or steamroll blow-outs (the Lakers got the business, smacked 'em by 16). I STILL think the lack of size is gonna bite them in the Joel Anthony sooner or later, but right now, we fans should just relax and marvel at what we're seeing...
There's absolutely no point to this post except to celebrate how awesome the NBA is.Forget the dumb Melo soap opera, and don't look ahead to the dreaded Lock Out. Play-offs? Don't worry about it...just wait for the next game, enjoy, then repeat.

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